For those Companies who wish to be active participants in the ongoing research projects the Pohlman Companies, Corporate Client Partnership establishes a close relationship between Pohlman and the client company wherein Pohlman staff are available at any time to assist in any way possible.

The Corporate Client Company pays a single, fixed yearly fee. For this fee, the client receives multiple copies of each non-proprietary research volume Pohlman may produce for a one-year period. Partnership includes full Corporate-Level access to all Pohlman products and services.

As a Corporate Client, the partner company automatically holds a sponsorship position for all research consortia and becomes a member of the Pohlman Petroleum Computing Market Research Consortium, with all of the additional benefits of cost and participation in survey design and analysis that accompany sponsor status. For any special proprietary research which may be requested during the partnership period, the Corporate Client Partner is entitled to a substantial discount on all normal charges.

Perfect for large companies with multiple divisions who take an active interest in market and product research. The single fee for the Corporate Client program applies to an entire company and all its offices, regardless of where they may be located. In other words, if a question arises in an international office which requires assistance or information from any Pohlman resources, simply call or email us for an immediate response.

The Corporate Client Program offers the most cost-effective method of receiving and participating in all of Pohlman's research. The total Corporate Client fee is lower than the combined purchase prices of all of the research volumes we produce in a single year. In addition, the Corporate Client receives a substantial block of pre-paid consulting time which may be used in any fashion during the membership year. For the larger company with multiple interests, the Corporate Client Membership will more than pay for itself each year.


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