Model-Based Technology Assessment© , also known as Technology Blueprinting©, is a consulting program based upon cooperation between an oil and gas company or division and Pohlman International. The program is designed to determine how technology is being used within the company and how it can be improved. The goals of any MBTA© project are to optimize infrastructure, to improve internal data flow, to ensure that the best-suited applications tools are available to the company professionals based upon the company's own operational requirements, and overall to save money by eliminating bottlenecks, unnecessary or redundant applications software, and the implementation of best practices.

Both as an evaluation tool, providing metrics to support effective decision making, and as a methodology for streamlining operations and improving productivity, Model-Based Technology Assessment and Technology Blueprinting are effective and cost efficient, easily paying for the program within the first few weeks.

AIM© or Analytical Insight for Marketing, is a consulting program tailored for software developers, hardware manufacturers, and product vendors which is designed to assist in establishing the necessary objective criteria to support creation of business plans, marketing plans, and product assessment for future development. Drawing upon Pohlman's extensive source of industry research without ever compromising the integrity of our sources or abusing the trust of the oil companies who work with us, AIM allows Pohlman to work with individual vendor companies to help them to be more effective in the market through better understanding of their place within it and of the needs of their potential clients. The results of an AIM project are better products, better suited for the needs of the industry, and better targeted toward their potential users.

MBTA© - Model-Based Technology Assessment
AIM© - Analytical Insight for Marketing